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  • Based on my personal experiences with Mr. Sakerwalla, I believe that he is highly skilled and trained in developing and tailoring a physical therapy program to meet the needs of the individual patient. He modified my therapy program based on my progress and needs. He monitored my progress to insure therapy applications were updated throughout therapy visits in order to reach the objectives of my therapy. He continuosly enhances his knowledge of therapy advances coming from academia, as well advances developed from therapy professionals. He provided periodic updates of my progress to my prescribing physician so my therapy program could be adjusted if needed. He presents a professional demeanor in administering therapy and is open to answering the many questions I had about my physical condition as well as applied therapy.

    Cypress Texas

  • I definitely would recommend Burhani Physical Therapy to anyone recovering from injury. My son is a professional dirt bike rider and he has struggled through many injuries over the past few years. We have visited several PT clinics with these injuries and always with the same result. The PT gives you some exercises to do and then walks away basically letting you rehab yourself. Out of 8 or 10 rehab clinics Mr. Mustafa is the only PT that we have ever had that works with you personally during your rehab. We are very satisfied with the personal attention we receive there and if we need a PT in the future will definitely be going back to Burhani Physical Therapy.

    Kyle Wood
    The Wood Family 281-960-9171

  • Mustafa gives attention to details and very ethical practice. Always trusted his recommendations.

    July 11,2008

  • I cannot thank you enough for all of your excellent care and putting up with my whining. You are a true healer.


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